We rethink "work & charge"

eccovia  transforms annoying waiting time while charging your electric car into productive time of work and enjoyment.

While your electric car is charging, you have the possibility to work in our flexible working spaces, meeting business partners or recharging yourself with a cup of great coffee or tea in our shop.

Our buildings are made of sustainable wooden structure with high-standard energy efficiency. This provides to you and our employees the feel-good atmosphere, we want to create at eccovia.

In a new world of mobility you might drive electric and work wherever you like.
Anyway, there might be challenges:

Charging takes more time than filling an ICE car

Often the charger is already occupied and there is no contact person on site

No possibility, to work in an pleasant and quiet environment (phone call, business meeting)

Inconvenient open-air location, lack of good coffee and snacks

The eccovia solution

The customer-friendly
eBusiness Center
with customer service,
charging hub and catering

The eccovia-concept – ​ conclusive with a real USP​

eccovia is the only European provider of the unique combination of fast charging, flexible workspaces and quality catering

eccovia lives sustainability: we will donate 10% of our profit, in order to support disadvantaged members of our society and measures, to protect our environment.

By the way – we use 100% green electricity!

Get into the​ eMobility business with eccovia. ​ The business of the future.

eccovia is happy to welcome investors and strategic partners.

The common vision: build the first site, then expand national and international.

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